Ground Thawing Techniques… Who will benefit from RapidTHAW Heat Technology ?

  • Construction contractors
  • Plumbers
  • Utility companies
  • Concrete companies
  • Homeowners
  • Oil & Gas companies
  • Municipalities
  • Engineers
  • Equipment operators

Guaranteed to save you time/money/manpower/frustration.  Experience the RapidTHAW / RapidTECH difference!

Rapid Thawing of Ground

.Sealed on all four edges
.Constructed of reinforced PVC, top and bottom
.A 6’ heavy duty power cord (no plug end)
.120 or 240 volts
.Insulated with 1/4” closed cell Microfoam insulation
.Grommets every 5’
.15 to 20 watts per square foot
.Waterproof & weather resistant
.Rolls up for easy storage
.Quick Installation
.24/7 protection
.No dangerous open flames

All of our RapidTHAW heating products come with a full one-year warranty!

Call (866) 805-4328 for additional information or to order.  We specialize in the most cutting edge Ground Thawing Techniques.

Why RapidTHAW Ground Thawing Blankets?

  • High watt density (14 to 18 watts per square foot)
  • Thaw frozen pipes up to 8 feet deep
  • Remove snow, frost, ice and sleet prior to trenching
  • Doubles as a concrete curing blanket for cold weather
  • Keep crews working and jobs on schedule all winter long

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our customers are saying:

You’ll be pleased to hear that the 4.5’ X 30’ thermal blanket worked for our application!  The blanket was in place for just under seven days.  I have attached photos and weather data for the specific time period.

We “insulated” the blanket using a heavy duty tarp folded once to provide additional insulation.  Frost depths in the area were in the five to six foot range – unprecedented.  We are digging another site and I can get actual frost depth info and provide.

Of course, one must ask was it the blanket or natural thawing?  We are convinced it was the blanket since:

A.     Other services are still frozen in the immediate vicinity.

B.     It certainly hasn’t been warm enough for a natural thaw!

Thank you for your prompt delivery and helping restore water service to our customers!  We are believers!

Director of Water Resources
Beloit, WI


(It was an extremely cold 2014 winter with freeze levels reaching 7 to 8 feet in many areas).

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